"Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life"
Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life

StreetInvest is a global charity which exists to create positive sustainable change for street children.

Children live and work on the streets in every country of the world. They routinely experience sexual, psychological and physical abuse, social stigma, political discrimination and appalling violations of their rights. 


StreetInvest believe that these children have the strengths to make positive changes in their lives, but they cannot do it alone. That is why our vision is for every street child to have access to a trustworthy adult, so that they are safer, better supported and valued by their communities.


We are experts in a social practice called street work which is based on building empowering relationships of trust with street children. For a street child, knowing that they have an adult they can rely on to be there, to listen without judgement and to support them for as long as they need, is the first step towards changing their young lives.