"No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do"
No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do
“Children who live on the streets rarely have a voice to speak about their experiences, living situations and rights. Their stories remain unheard. 
Through our work these children are given a platform to share their views, opinions and discuss matters affecting their lives.”

Street worker from our partner organisation CINI, in Kolkata, India

StreetInvest exists to support positive sustainable change in the lives of the hardest to reach and most excluded street-connected children. We do this by supporting and promoting street work, through a global network of local NGOs, who work directly with street children. Street work is a practice based on building empowering relationships of trust with street children, where they are. It's a critical step in understanding who they are, what they need and how best to support them.

"We have always perceived street children to be the worst of criminals but with (StreetInvest's) training, my world view has been completely turned around."
Local Chief from Pujehun, Sierra Leone, following street work training

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"We get space to share our thoughts and opinions here, we feel respected and trusted. We are happy that we are listened to."
Street child from Kolkata, India, on participating street work activities

No-one knows how many street connected children there are in the world. Without this vital information, policey and programme design cannot be properly informed. Our headcount methodology is recognised as the leading approach for the sector.

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"With your support we have managed to help these young people see how much they are really worth, that they matter in society. This work determines the lives of many children."
Mi Arca, our local partner organisation in Guatemala City

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