"No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do"
No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do

About Us


1.Street children have the right to be street children.  We accept the reality of the child surviving and developing on the street.  The fact that they are on the street in no way diminishes or negates their rights as human beings and children.
2.We trust in street children to be experts in their own lives and to have the strengths and capabilities to make positive decisions.
3.But they cannot do this alone. Street children’s vulnerabilities result from the appalling stigma, discrimination and abuse they are routinely subjected to. Their ability to trust adults is broken down. A trustworthy adult can rebuild that trust.

Our Vision

For every street child to have a trustworthy adult in their life.

Our Philosophy

Many children have no trustworthy adult in their lives. These include many children on the streets.
Street children deserve opportunities like any other child. StreetInvest is committed to supporting trained workers on the streets to act as the trustworthy adults in these most vulnerable lives.

StreetInvest believes in the potential of all children, as well as the rights of all children as described in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (“UNCRC”).

Some children fall through the safety nets of family, school, community and existing social welfare support. It is these children, variously described as “the most excluded”, “the most marginalised” and “the hardest to reach”, that StreetInvest is committed to support. 

StreetInvest believes that these children must be given the same opportunities, to choose paths in their lives, as we would wish for our own children.
StreetInvest believes that the first imperative in realising the rights for these children is for us to step into their world, rather than expecting them to come to us. This is the foundation of a trust-based relationship from which all else can flow.  StreetInvest’s core activity is to train workers to build that relationship and to train trainers who can extend our reach.

This is far from a hopeless cause. Street children are some of the bravest and strongest children you may ever have the privilege of meeting.  Together, we can offer these children real choices.

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Our Thanks

To those who have contributed to this website through their time and creativity.

We would particularly like to thank Robin Hammond/Panos for the use of his  photographs of street children.