"Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life"
Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life

Corporate Partners


StreetInvest is fortunate to have been supported by various companies in various different ways. Our size allows us the flexibility to respond in the most appropriate way and tailor our corporate partnerships accordingly. 

Your company can help us in my many ways including through:

Charity of the Year 
A great way to engage and motivate staff, drive sales and meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives. COTY activities can include: staff and supplier fundraising, events and challenges, cause related marketing initiatives and matching give-as-you-earn staff payroll giving. You may also benefit from tax breaks.
Cause Related Marketing 
When price and quality are about the same, more than 90% of consumers are likely to switch to brands that are attached to a cause*.
CRM is a mutually beneficial way for your business to work with StreetInvest to generate funds, with a percentage of profits or a specific amount donated to the charity from the sales of goods or services. The added benefits include improved public perception of your business or brand and access to new opportunities and increased market penetration.
A number of events feature in our 'Join our Journey' programme can be tailored to your business requirements, from raising brand awareness to engaging with potential new customers and with staff.
Support a Project 
A tangible way to support us is through directly sponsoring one of our street work projects. That way staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders can clearly see the difference their support, time and funds have made to street children in need. Ask us for details on our projects.
Gifts in Kind 
A part of StreetInvest’s core costs are related to our office in Twickenham. Contributions towards office equipment, printing or even the rent itself will make a huge difference. Donations to travel costs, including air miles, would also allow the charity to make field trips and invite street workers to the UK to present their work.
                                                                                   *Source: Cone Communications 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report.


StreetInvest's Corporate 12/04 Club is named after the International Day for Street Children which falls every year on 12th April - 12/04. 

Find out more about joining here.