"No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do"
No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do

Raise Funds and Awareness

StreetInvest is a small charity that believes every street child should have a trustworthy adult in their life, to help increase their safety, access their rights and strengthen their sense of belonging to their communities.
We have a very small team in the UK and are always delighted to welcome other committed individuals and groups who share our vision! We will always support and encourage fundraising and awareness raising efforts in any way possible.

Community Fundraising

We believe in sustainable and achievable activities. To that end, we will provide you with the materials you need to raise funds. Where we are able, we will offer direct support to help generate funds in terms of talks and presentations. If, however, distance or our workload does not allow for the direct involvement of our staff, we will still endeavour to provide the materials and support to make your events a success!
Get in touch with the team on 
to disucss how we can help support your fundraising ideas!

Calling Local Twickenham Traders!

You can make a huge difference in helping us get our message out to those living in the local community by displaying posters especially when we are holding events like 
TryCycle Twickenham.

Universities and Colleges

A variety of colleges and  universities have supported StreetInvest over the years and students have continued their involvement when they have entered the workplace. Thanks go to Royal Holloway, Brunel University, Loughborough University, Manchester University, Chichester College, St. Hilda’s Oxford, De Montford and all the others who have supported the cause of street children!

Email us if you would like support to fundraise for us during your RAG week!

  • Student Ambassadors

    Do you feel that street children deserve the same rights and opportunities as you? Then join us and become a Student Ambassador!

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Challenge Events

Challenges can be gruelling but hugely rewarding and fun. We'd like to thank all those who put their body and soul into taking on a challenge for street children!
  • Riders on the 77 mile/2,500 metres climb Moore's Cycle Mallorca End-to-End Cycle Challenge raised over £8,000
  • Matt Jones & Alan Carter (The “Don’t Look Yak” team) raised £2,000 on the 10,000 Mongol Car Rally Ulaanbaatar
  • Mike and his two sons Will and Harry cycled at world record pace more than 3,000 miles to Africa and back
Take the first step to fundraise for street children and set up your JustGiving page!