"Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life"
Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life
Join the 12.04 club


The 12/04 Club is named after the International Day for Street Children which falls on 12th April every year (hence 12/04) and is for all generous donors to StreetInvest who commit to donating £12.04 or more a month.   

Joining the 12/04 Club offers the greatest benefit to StreetInvest and the children we serve because it allows us to plan ahead and allocate the funds where and when they are most needed.  Regular, unrestricted donations are the main source of our long-term sustainability allowing us to support our global network of 33 partners in 14 countries working among an estimated 350,000 street children for as long as it takes to ensure that every child has, at least, a trustworthy adult in their lives.

In the poorest countries of the world, each monthly donation of £12.04 is equivalent to the cost of the support of a trained and trustworthy adult for one more street child for one more year.  In London, £12.04 is the cost of one coffee a week or one beer a fortnight.

As a 12/04 Club Member you can look also forward to receiving Club benefits including invitations to exclusive events, coffee mornings and special offers. But, most important of all, you will know that you are making a world of difference to street children.

To make a much valued donation please join the 12/04 Club here.