"Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life"
Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life

Monitoring & Evaluation



StreetInvest offer training and support for organisations working with street children to monitor & evaluate their work effectively, to help them better support street children.

The model we use places emphasis on reflective practice, the impact of the relationship on street children and the value of a street worker.
We collate data from our partners on a regular basis, to demonstrate the reach of street workers in our network and the range of services they directly or indirectly provide to street children.

StreetInvest aims to ensure that all projects and partners have the desired impact, are aligned with our vision, mission and values and all street workers and street children are aware of their real value.

"StreetInvest has helped us realise the importance of continued evaluation in order to improve the services we offer.  There is no other organisation that gives us the breadth of information needed for this type of work.”  

Founder, Street Kids Direct, our partner organisation in Guetemala

Street Worker & Street Child - A Measurable Relationship?

Street workers and the children they work with may intuitively understand the value of thier relationship, but are they able to clearly recognise, let alone measure, the child's progress? 

Finding ways to make this explicit for street workers is vital to help them improve their practice. It is also necessary to help wider audiences, including NGOs, community members and policy makers, design effective programmes and policy

The Wellbeing Tool has been designed by StreetInvest to do just that. The tool is used to help guide constructive conversations between the worker and child, once a month for as long as the child needs. It focuses on developing the capabilities of the child, through exploring topics or themes which the child has stated are important to them. Contrary to traditional wellbeing measures, such as health and income, which can be seen as objective measures, it focuses more on subjective indicators such as relationships, safety and resilience.