"Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life"
Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life

We were all children - Poppy

Poppy Velosa-Ayres is one of StreetInvest's Board Members. This is her personal reflection on the role trustworthy adults played in her otherwise "fitful" young life.

"I can remember, like it was just yesterday, the moment I realised I wasn’t so different from street children.

Luckily for me, one of StreetInvest’s founders and visionaries, Patrick, realised that too and he soon became one of two significant, trustworthy adults in my young life. He and Cathy became the main constants in my very fitful life. Through their presence I could grow and achieve things I would otherwise not have had the encouragement and opportunity to achieve.
They were friends, guides, confidantes, parent figures, guardians and ultimately, our bond held because it was based on unconditional trust, love and kinship. For me, it is obvious. Without such love, one cannot thrive. If you don’t water your plant, it will not blossom.

As Oliver Sacks said, “more important than all… is the establishment of proper relations with the world, and – in particular – with other human beings, or one other human being, for it is human relations which carry the possibilities of proper being-in-the-world.”

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