"No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do"
No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do

Research and data collection

Informing stakeholders and duty bearers
“It is not acceptable that international organisations, policy makers, social institutions and individuals, who feel entitled to intervene in the lives of street children, do so on the basis of obviously unclear and arbitrary knowledge about the reality of these children’s lives.”

Benno Glauser

Being informed matters

StreetInvest’s expertise include data collection and research. We believe that participatory research and data collection are an integral part of understanding who street children are, what they need and how best to help them access their rights. These insights can inform practice on the ground through to the development of informed policies and legislation. StreetInvest aims to ensure all stakeholders are fully informed on issues affecting street children and street work.
Research: Growing up on the Streets
Growing up on the Streets is an award winning longitudinal, participatory, ethnographic research project which was commissioned by our late founder, Patrick Shanahan, and is directly managed by Dr Lorraine van Blerk (Reader in Human Geography, University of Dundee) and Dr Wayne Shand (Research Fellow at the University of Manchester’s Institute for Development Policy and Management).

The project has trained street youth as research assistants and through them tracked the life trajectories of over 200 children on the streets, over three years. The methodology positions street children at the centre of the training and research project, not only to overcome the major barrier of access to these often marginalised children, but also to recognise the potential of young people on the street to shape their futures and adult lives.


See life through the eyes of African street youth, with Growing up on the Streets' Story Map web app

The innovative 'Story Map' brings together videos and photos to tell stories about the many young people who call the streets of Accra home, providing rare, rich insight into their lives. Explore the streets of Accra through the webapp here.
Data collection: Headcounting
StreetInvest’s headcount methodology is recognised as the leading approach for the sector (see the Consortium for Street Children's 2015 report “Do I Count if you Count me?”) and provides a significant platform to support States as the UN General Comment on Children in Street Situations progresses (due to publication summer 2017) and which calls for States to develop systematic, rights-respecting, data collection systems and to share disaggregated information about street children. Find out more about Headcouting.

Data Collection: StreetPoint
StreetPoint is a piece of innovative software for the collection, visualisation and storage of street child data, developed in partnership with data processing specialists Mazepoint. The aim of StreetPoint is to become the primary source for statistics relating to children on the street, open to all agencies working with street children. Find out more about StreetPoint.

Data collection: Through street work
Through its Model of Effective Street Work, StreetInvest supports its partners to collect and collate information on a session-by-session basis with the children they work with. This information facilitates both direct response to the stated needs of the young people, and reflective practice which enables organisations to develop informed responses. We also support partners to conduct: needs assessments, baseline studies, evaluations, well-being monitoring & measurement and situational analyses.

Networks and forums
StreetInvest is a member of a number of local and international forums including the CSC, UK Federation for Detached Youth Work, International Federation for Social Street Work, the Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) and the Paragon Partnership.