"Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life"
Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life

Supporting Student


StreetInvest has strong links with schools and Universities and hosting interns forms a core part of our programme to raise awareness about street children and the issues they face. 

Since 2014 StreetInvest has hosted Geography Undergraduate dissertation students from Royal Holloway, University of London where the topic for the research is agreed between the student, their supervisors Professor Katie Willis or Dr Vandana Desai, and StreetInvest.

We also welcome and aim to support students from other universities who wish to research street children as part of their degrees, at both Undergraduate and Masters level. 

Their work and can be read below. Please note that the views expressed here are those of the authors.

  • Gender on the Streets

    A study of non-governmental organisations working with street girls. BSc by Brigid Beney (Royal Holloway)

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  • Street Work: cause for division or place to start?

    A comparison of the views of NGO professionals, academics, street workers, and street involved children on the value of street work. BSc by Jacob Brunner (Manchester University)

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  • The police and street children in Ghana

    A study of Accra, Ghana: by Poppy Velosa-Ayres (StreetInvest Trustee, former employee, who volunteered in Ghana)

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  • Why do we care?

    Analysing the representation of street children by street child organisations and the response from the public. BSc by Nathaniel Newman (Royal Holloway)

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  • Sustaining a 'relationship of trust'

    Study looking into the practices underpinning the continuance of a high quality 'relationship of trust'. BSc by Lucy Smith (Royal Holloway)

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  • Street worker and street child

    Exploring the concept of measuring wellbeing in the context of street children in Tanzania. MSc By Hugo Rukavina (Royal Holloway)

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  • Education: the key to the future?

    An evaluation of the education programmes available for street-connected children. BSc by Eleanor Ball (Royal Holloway)

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  • Is social protection the answer?

    Addressing the vulnerability of street connected children in Ghana: Is social protection the answer? MA by Abbie Huff (Manchester University)

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  • Sex on the Street

    The Role of NGOs in Supporting Sexual and Reproductive Health for Street Connected Children in the Global South. BSc by Madison Bakewell (Royal Holloway)

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