"No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do"
No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do
Schools Programme

"Children Supporting Children"


We are lucky to receive support from many primary and secondary schools and in return we support students through workshops and assemblies. We also take small number of work placements. Please click here for more details.
StreetInvest can offer direct support if you feel that your pupils would want to...
  • Learn more about street children’s lives & rights and how street workers act to empower them
  • Acquire specific knowledge about a local context (see where we work)
  • Question their and their community's attitudes & values towards other people's differences
  • Participate in raising awareness & funds for StreetInvest
The workshops we deliver help develop student's interpersonal skills, teach them to empathize, be non-judgmental and can help them make more positive choices in the future.


Workshops for Primary Schools:

Our workhops for younger children tackle difficult topics with interactive, group actvities. The workshop asks them to think about some important quetions... 

  • Where will I sleep?
  • What will I eat?
  • Who can help me?
  • Where in the world am I?

From building shelters our of cardboard boxes, to creating a make shift meal from a 'rubbish bin', the activities can be tailored to incorporate subjects including geography, drama and PSHE.

Our workshops have been thoroughly prepared and our staff are DBS certified and fully trained, so schools need not set aside extra resources to deliver the sessions.

Please get in touch with for more information. Click here to see who we have worked with in the past.