"Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life"
Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life

We did it! Thank you to everyone who generously donated to the Big Give Christmas Challenge and who helped us spread the word about the campaign.
Thanks to your support, we managed to hit our ambitious target of £6,000 which has been match funded, giving us a total of £12,000.


What difference will this make?

StreetInvest are raising money to fund its partnership with Glad's House, our local Partner organisation in Mombasa, Kenya. Glad's House have been working on the streets of Mombasa to support street-connected children and youth since 2006 and we have worked with together since 2015. In January 2018 we are embarking on our biggest challenge to date!
Jointly combining our experience, knowledge and skills, StreetInvest will support Glad's House to develop and lead a network of street work organisations in Mombasa, with the ambitious aim to reach all 3,000 street children living on the city’s streets. Together we want to promote the safety, sense of belonging and rights of every street child in Mombasa.

Where will my money go?

£5,000 will ensure more street children have access to a trustworthy adult.
We will fund a team street workers and project managers to work on the streets with street children, to help them grow and develop in a positive way, so that they reach their potential.
£5,000 will ensure that all the street children in Mombasa count.
We will conduct a city wide street child Headcount to provide vital data to City officials and to inform interventions.
£3,000 will help decrease the discrimination and stigma street children suffer at the hands of their community.
We will fund community training for stakeholders including the police, to challenge negative attitudes and behaviours held towards street children.
£2,000 will help us to reach street children beyond Mombasa.
We will fund regional network development, so that more organisations in the East Africa region are equipped to work effectively with street children, so that together, we can make a bigger difference.

In the event that we exceed our target of £12,000 during the Big Give Christmas Challenge, funds up to £15,000 will support the Mombasa Programme, after which funds will be reallocated. 
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This is the start of StreetInvest's 10th year celebrations! Expect to see more events and activities leading up to our 10th Anniversary on the 16th December 2018.

More about the Big Give

The Big Give Christmas Challenge, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Alec Reed CBE, is the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign which helps UK-registered charities raise funds for their cause. It offers supporters of participating charities the opportunity to have their donation doubled on when the campaign goes live on #GivingTuesday, 28th November 2017.
Since the Big Give launched the campaign in 2008, the Christmas Challenge has raised over £78 million for more than 2,800 charity projects.