"Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life"
Every child needs a trustworthy adult in their life

Street Work Training

StreetInvest strives to be a leader in the training of street workers globally. Our core module, Introduction to Street Work, has been accredited by the University of Ulster and we continue to develop our training in such a way that all our modules have the potential for official accreditation. 

We offer a number of training modules which support the four-stage model of street work which we promote. All of our training modules use a learning pyramid of ‘Skills, Knowledge and Values & Attitudes’ so that each participant - street worker, social worker and Ministry of Social Welfare worker alike - should complete the modules with a sense that his/her skills have been strengthened, knowledge increased and attitudes and values challenged. 

A sustainable model: Training of and for Trainers

We use a cascade training model to sustain and strengthen our impact, which is supported by a Training of Trainers course. This course develops participatory facilitation skills and we have a growing number of StreetInvest certified trainers. We invest in the ongoing development of our trainer network through our Training for Trainers course.
“Thanks to StreetInvest, we now have seven trainers who are able to deliver workshops and seminars to a wide range of stakeholders. It has empowered the team to take ownership over training, awareness raising and advocacy.” 
CEO of Glad's House, on of our partners in Mombassa, Kenya

Training resources

Our suite of training modules continues to grow and currently includes:
In addition to the training, we offer a number of tools to support the street work model and toolkits to encourage and support the participation of street children.
  • Introduction to Street Work: A Precis

    Summery of StreetInvest's introductory street work module for street workers

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  • Working with Girls: Street Work Module

    Explore the attitudes and value base of those who work with girls on the street

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Working with Girls

"Girls on the street are forgotten humans, who are quickly misunderstood and judged."
George Quaker, StreetInvest Global Trainer
Street connected girls have complex needs and face unique challenges. Click here to find out more about how we support our partners to work with street connected girls.