"No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do"
No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do


we were all children,

invest in a street child.


Join our We were all Children campaign and help us reach 100 new regular donors, in 100 days and show solidarity with street children for the International Day for Street Children, on the 12th April 2017.


Make a difference to a young life

Imagine growing up with the people who you thought you could trust most, letting you down again and again. This is the reality for many street children.They are often abused, subjected to violence, stigmatised and marginalised by the adults who should be keeping them safe. Street children's ability to trust and form positive relationships can be severely damaged by their beginnings in life. StreetInvest trusts in these children to have the strength to make positive changes, but we also know that they cannot do this alone.
That is why StreetInvest exists - to help even the most excluded street connected children have access to a trustworthy adult, and to be listened to and valued by those in their communities. For a street child, knowing that they have a trustworthy adult whom they can rely on to be there, to listen without judgement and to support them for as long as they need, is the first step towards positive change in their young lives.  

Your donation will be match funded, which means £6 a month could put a street worker in a street child's life for a whole year in some of the poorest countries we work in.

Everyone needs a trustworthy adult

Every two weeks for the duration of the campaign, someone connected to StreetInvest will share their own, personal story, about the role a trustworthy adult played in their life. From young adults who spent their formative years on the streets in Africa, to street workers in India, to our own leadership team in the UK, each tells a story about someone they trusted, who cared for them without judement and who in some way, made them who they are.

How your money will help

StreetInvest wants to support every street child. Funds from this campaign will help us to establish five regional street work centres in East Africa, West Africa, Central America, India and the UK, with organisations who work directly with street children and their communities. This will help us grow and strengthen our network of 33 local partners in 14 countries, so that we can support even more street children, for the long term. 

Read the blog

Friends of StreetInvest, colleagues and experts talk about who they could trust growing up, and the importance of trust in a street child's life.

We would love to hear from you

Do you have a story about a trustworthy adult who has made a difference in your life? Please email us, tweet us @StreetInvest or message us on Facebook and tell us about the impact they had.