StreetInvest offer global expertise in street work, access to international platforms and best practice resources and training tools.

We can help your organisation make a bigger difference for the children you support through building your capacity. We can raise your organisation or group's profile and add your voice to the international conversation on street-connected children's rights.

What we offer

Global expertise

  • Opportunities for knowledge exchange between network members.
  • Access to sector leading resources, research and information relevant to your work.

Advocacy platforms

  • Opportunities to input into international forums and advocacy platforms to drive policy change at local, national, regional and international levels.
  • Representation through StreetInvest in other international networks and platforms including the Consortium for Street Children and theUnilever led Paragon Partnership.
  • Visibility within the sector via StreetInvest’s external communications.

Resources, training and tools

  • Access to sector-leading street work methodology and tools to support practice.
  • Participation in training workshops lead by StreetInvest and our Regional Coordinating Partners.
  • Input into the development of further tools and training to support street work practice.
  • Opportunities to input into and benefit from local, regional or international funding proposals for the furtherance of the network objectives.

No Fees

The Network is open to organisations and individuals across civil society that want to further its mission. As this includes groups of street-connected children and youth, we do not charge a membership fee.

Who can join?

The primary criteria for network membership is a commitment to upholding street-connected children’s rights through adopting a rights-based and child-centred approach.

Any organisation or individual from civil society can join the network including:

  • NGOs
  • CBOs
  • Community bodies
  • Public service organisations
  • Practitioners
  • Academic institutions 
  • Private sector organisations 
  • Groups of street-connected children and yong people

Through the Network, we are keen to identify opportunities to involve street-connected children directly as members, either as individuals or as child-led organisations or initiatives.

A number of government bodies support the Network’s mission, but the Network does not extend membership to governments, government departments or bodies.

Please note that StreetInvest is not a funding organisation and does not provide direct funding to its network members.