COVID-19 on the Streets

24 March 2020

"For how long do you think the situation is going for? If the government announces curfew or total lock down, how will we survive?" Street-connected young person supported by Glad’s House, Mombasa, Kenya

Isolation is nothing new for a child who relies on the street for their survival and lives every day disconnected from their community, without the support of a trusted adult. As the global COVID-19 pandemic takes hold, and we all adapt to being more isolated than we were, street-...

UNCRC turns 30

20 November 2019

In 2006, I met Robbie on the streets of Kitwe, Zambia. Some of you know him too as I have spoken of him many times. About the same age as our second son, about the same size, the same damn Manchester United shirt – but he was on the streets of an African city and our son was home in Twickenham.

This was, to me, “just not right” and it was the start of a journey which quickly made clear that children like Robbie cannot take their rights for granted. Probably like my son, they...

Making street-connected children count

25 June 2019
A national headcount in Sierra Leone and working with UNICEF

Data collection is one of the most complex challenges facing the street child sector and the development sector more broadly, as effective programmes and policy interventions rely on access to accurate, disaggregated data, captured in an ethical and secure way. Street-connected young people are particularly hard to enumerate; they are often nomadic, without permanent addresses and can be hard to identify in public spaces. It is one...

Be Their Champion

25 April 2019
The International Day for Street Children 2019

This year StreetInvest and its partners coordinated its first global advocacy event to celebrate the International Day for Street Children on the 12th April. Government consultations were hosted in Mombasa, Kenya by Glad’s House; Tamale, Ghana by MFCS and Kolkata, India by CINI. Each consultation was co-designed with and attended by street-connected children on StreetInvest's ‘Street Champions’ programme. The Street Champions programme empowers...

Becoming a Change Agent

3 January 2019
Durga Roy is on the Change Agent programme at CINI. She had strong connections to the street in her childhood and was supported by CINI. This is her incredible story.

“My journey from being a street connected child to becoming a Change Agent and working for the rights of other street-connected children has not been a piece of cake.

I had strong connections to the street as a child. I was subjected to torture by an alcoholic father, which only strengthened my connection. With...

Making street children count in Mombasa

20 December 2018
Making street children count in Mombasa this week…

It might be less than a week to Christmas, but we have not slowed down. Hugo has been in Mombasa, Kenya, since the 9 th December with the Glad’s House team, where a citywide headcount is taking place. Hugo is with Glad’s House Directors Liz and Bokey and their street work team. Other organsiations across the city are also taking part (some of whom pictured).

Glad’s House have been operating in Mombasa since 2006 and reach over 100...

Youth work is...

9 November 2018
It’s National Youth Work Week 2018

Each year, the National Youth Agency host Youth Work Week in the UK in celebration of our sector and the young people we work with. The theme this year is simply: “What is youth work?”

Everything that StreetInvest does promotes or supports street work, which is actually a distinct form of youth work, aiming specifically to support street-connected young people.

This is what youth work means to us...

In some...

Stories from the street: A research project

2 November 2018

In 2017, we had the opportunity to work with video analytics company Big Sofa Tech . Together we conducted a qualitative research study which took filmed interviews of street-connected children and analysed them to better understand the experiences they face in their daily lives.

We are delighted to announce that this project has been nominated for the MRS President'...

Celebrating street girls today and every day

11 October 2018

It is the International Day of the Girl and StreetInvest want to acknowledge the strength of the all the street-connected girls our partners work with around the world.

It is a common misconception that ‘street kids’ are boys, but this...

UK Programme Launch! Street Work comes home

7 August 2018
StreetInvest UK launch: Bringing Street Work home

Thank you to everyone who supported the UK Programme in the Big Give Christmas Challange 2018. You helped us raise a total of £17,147.50!

On Friday 3 rd August, we launched our UK Programme at our 10 th anniversary celebration summer party.

We recognised that young people in the UK had a growing need for support and that mainstream service provision was becoming increasingly inadequate, inaccessible, or inappropriate. This...