Blog: Jun 2018

NEWS FLASH: England winners at the World Cup 2018!

29 June 2018
Send us victorious

Do you remember the three slogans fans were asked to vote on for the side of England’s World Cup 2018 tour bus?

“Send us victorious”

“Drive forward as one”

“Pride. Passion. Together”

Our choice of ‘send us victorious’ is viewed as somewhat optimistic by many: sport pundits give England just a 4% chance of winning. But fans facing the probable disappointment of a too early departure from the FIFA World Cup should take comfort and inspiration...

More Than Just a Game

22 June 2018
Perhaps ‘5’ is to be a lucky mascot for Russia: just one month ago it played host to five of the same national football teams hoping to achieve victory in their own world cup campaigns.

But a month ago, those five teams were of a very different nature. Unlike the (often) multimillionaire status and worldwide celebrity that comes with football fame, those competing were young people in current, previous or at-risk situations of homelessness, invisible homelessness, or life living and working...