Supporting best practice Street Work

StreetInvest supports organisations that are working directly with street-connected children, through its programme of Street Work training and organisational development.

Through this programme, StreetInvest aims to make organisations more effective, sustainable and able to make an even bigger impact in the lives of the children they support.

Street Work Training

Organisational Development

Delivery model

StreetInvest used to deliver its capacity building programme directly to partner organisations. Since 2017, StreetInvest has developed a new strategy to enable it to scale, and grow its reach.

The new model acknowledges that work with street-connected young people should be led by experts in the local context. The programme is now delivered through three key partner organisations in StreetInvest's Global Alliance for Street Work: CINI in Kolkata, India; Glad's House in Mombasa, Kenya; and MFCS in Kumasi, Ghana, with the support of StreetInvest.