We know that skilled street workers can change children's lives. StreetInvest has been training street workers to better support street-connected children since we were founded in 2008. In that time over 2,000 individuals have been trained and we have worked with over 40 organisations.

"The course was fantastic in helping me to understand and appreciate the need to purposefully work with girls on the streets"
Mary Gatama, Participant, Tanzania

Our training materials

Introduction to Street Work (ISW): This is our core module and has been accredited by the University of Ulster. The course aims to develop street work competencies using a knowledge, skills and attitudes framework. It is especially relevant for social workers beginning street work. It is also suitable for police officers, community members, government workers and others who have an interest in colloborating with agencies to support street children. 

Working with Girls: This module aims to explore the attitudes and value base of those who work with girls on the street. It provides a deeper understanding of the ‘lived experience’ of girls and the challenges they face. This is most suited to those already practicing street work, who are looking to develop their understanding.

One-to-one Engagement: This module develops street workers' abilities to engage with street-connected children on a one-to-one basis. The course teaches a range of techniques to build trusting relationships and tackle challenigng situations. It is best suited to practitioners who have already completed the ISW course, or those who have considerable experience of street work practice.


None of our training requires academic qualifications and is appropriate for participants with varying literacy levels.