Sponsor a programme 

Sponsoring a programme is one of the smartest ways to make a difference on a big scale. It allows us to plan for the long-term with our partners, which means we can behave more strategically and ensure that the funds go where they are needed most.

With £15,000, in one year we could:

  • Train 50 new street workers to support children
  • Train 10 new trainers to keep passing on skills after the programme ends
  • Pay for a core local project team to deliver the programme at local cost
  • Engage 50 community leaders to challenge abuse towards street children
  • Lobby national government to put street children's rights on the agenda
  • Reach 8,000 more street children

We are currently looking for Sponsors for programmes in the UK, Ghana and Kenya. Please contact Duncan.Ross@StreetInvest.org for more information.

Trust Training

Street Workers' biggest asset is their ability to form strong, trusting relationships with street children. Only once they have a strong sense of trust and a rapport, can options for the child be explored.

Based on techniques employed by our expert Street Workers, our unique training for businesses will help your team develop those all important relationships between colleagues, management and clients.

Contact Duncan.Ross@StreetInvest.org to hear more about our corporate partnerships