Research and data are key to supporting street-connected children. Without it, we do not know where they are, how many there are, or how best to support them. One of StreetInvest's areas of work is to inform our partners, governments and other duty bearers about street children and street work. 

"Data are not systematically collected or disaggregated. The absence of this data makes children invisible. This results in the persistence of multiple rights violations."

United National General Comment No. 21 on children in street situations

'Growing up on the Streets'

Growing up on the Streets is an award winning research project which was commissioned by our late founder, Patrick Shanahan and is directly managed by the University of Dundee. The project has trained street youth as research assistants and through them, tracked the life trajectories of over 200 children on the streets of three Africa cities, over three years. 

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Headcount methodology

Our observational Headcount methodology was recognised as the sector standard by the Consortium for Street Children in 2015. It has been used by organisations including UNICEF and Railway Children across Africa, including a nationwide Headcount in Sierra Leone in 2010, and in India.

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Royal Holloway University

We have been working in partnership with Royal Holloway University of London's department of Geography since 2012. We have hosted Masters and Undergrad dissertation students and collaborated on PhD research.

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Specialist data collection tools

We have developed a number of specialist data collection tools to support street work practice. They include street work monitoring and evaluation tools, community attitude survey and risks assements.

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