For many street children, night after night, a cardboard box may be the only shelter they have.

During August, why not grab all those cardboard boxes lying around the house and get creative!

The aim is to leave the comfort of your bed by building a bed/den/shelter in which to spend the night, whether that's on your bedroom floor, in the sitting room, in a tent or under the stars. In doing this and raising money for StreetInvest you can help many street children all around the world find the safe spaces and trustworthy adults they so desperately need.

Ask your family and friends to sponsor you by downloading the sponsorship form at the bottom of this page or request that your sponsor donates online with your name as the reference. Better still...create your very own fundraising page! For direct donations or fundraising pages please visit

And don't forget to nominate a friend to take on the challenge themselves. 

We would love to see pics of your creations...please use #TheLittleSleepOut @streetinvest on twitter, facebook and instagram.