We host a global network of likeminded organisations and individuals who are dedicated to supporting street-connected children through their work.

Our aim is to ensure that every child has access to a trustworthy adult who is able to support them to grow and develop in the most positive way, and who works alongside them to challenge the stigma and discrimination they face.


The Network is open to organisations and individuals across civil society that want to further its mission. As this includes groups of street-connected children and youth, we do not charge a membership fee.

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The network operates in five strategic regions: East Africa, West Africa, Asia, Central America and Europe. Currently the network has 20 partners in 9 countries, including NGOs, academics and private sector organisations.

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We welcome anyone who shares our committment to a rights-based and child-centred approach to working with street-connected children. Together we can ensure that no street child has to grow up alone.

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