Everything we do promotes or supports Street Work, which can have a huge impact on a child’s life 

StreetInvest and its partners are helping street children to grow and develop in a positive way and are decreasing the stigma, abuse, and discrimination they suffer. We know that Street Work makes street-connected children safer on the streets; supports them to access vital services and resources and increases their sense of belonging within their communities. 

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How we support and promote Street Work

In some of the poorest countries in which we work, £12.04 will put a Street Worker into the lives of 12 street children for one month. 

In an average month, a team of 8 Street Workers can...


"I came in touch with an aunty [Street Worker] who saw me begging and began visiting me regularly. After a long time, I actually found someone who was interested in me and wanted to know what I liked or had to say. She told me I could access a safe space during the day and stay at the girls’ shelter at night. 

But in the beginning I was apprehensive...however, her consistent visits to the station helped me trust her. The door leading to a better life was right in front of me."

Street-connected girl, Kolkata, India

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