Fr Patrick Shanahan: Speeches, papers and presentations

Father Patrick Shanahan was one of StreetInvest's Co-founders. This page houses a selection of his speeches, papers and presentations.

Patrick advocated for street-connected children and their rights throughout his life. He supported the Consortium for Street Children for 20 years and in 2011 was awarded their inaugural Street Child Champions Award, in recognition of his unwavering commitment.

In 2013 he initiated and became Research Director of the Growing up on the Streets research project, which sought to bring a voice to nearly 200 street youth living across Africa.

Patrick was also instrumental in the journey to the United Nations General Comment on Children in Street Situations, which was published in July 2017. 

Patrick was a compelling public speaker and addressed the UN on no less than three occasions, in his fight for international guidance on the protection of street-connected children's rights.


Patrick's address to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

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