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The 12th April was the International Day for Street Children, and it marked the beginning of our month-long 12.04 campaign, to raise funds to support the young people we and our partners work with around the world.  

In the poorest countries that StreetInvest works in, a monthly donation of £12.04 is equivalent to the cost of the support of a trained and trustworthy adult for one more street child for one more year. 

Who are the Street Champions?

On the International Day this year, we focussed on the inspiring work of the StreetInvest Street Champions. They are street-connected young people who took part in consultations with their governments and other NGOs, to challenge them to change. We live streamed from the three consultations on the day, and interviewed some of the Street Champions, to get an insight into their day.

Missed the live stream? Watch the interviews below.