Street work supports children to grow and develop to reach their potential and reduces the stigma and discrimination they suffer.

Street work increases children’s safety, strengthens their sense of belonging in their communities and helps them access vital services. A street worker can...

  • Help children access food, shelter and medical care.
  • Challenge abuse, violence and discrimination in the community.
  • Provide informal education and skills training.
  • Reunite children with their families, if it is safe for them to go home.

Every child’s needs, wants and dreams are different.

This means that each child's journey is unique to them. Some children leave the streets for good and return home to their families. Others might enter full time education, skills training or find suitable work. For others, these outcomes might not be an option.

For all children, a street worker can give them a sense of self-worth and security. This allows each child to explore options in their lives that they might not have considered otherwise.