"No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do"
No child should grow up alone. StreetInvest exists to invest in those that do

StreetInvest was established in 2008 based on over two decades of previous  experience to improve the lives of street children - one of the most neglected and vulnerable groups in society.  Street children are often alone, fending for themselves with no-one to guide them. StreetInvest supports Street Workers to be the trustworthy adult in the children’s lives.

StreetInvest focuses specifically on street-based work with street-connected children and young people and, to date, we have worked with 30 Street Work Partners in 19 countries across Africa, Asia, Central America and the UK helping some 35,000 street children a year. StreetInvest has an ambition to extend its reach to 145,000 children over the next three years. 

StreetInvest’s goal is for every street child to have a trustworthy adult in their lives, helping them to fulfil their potential. The Street Workers provide increased protection for the children on the street and improve their life chances. They listen and respond to their hopes and concerns, guide them towards rebuilding family and community links. StreetInvest equips Street Workers to deliver the biggest improvement in the lives of street children.
Our approach, based on more than two decades of on-the-ground experience, has enabled us to develop a Model of Effective Street Work which can rapidly and cost-effectively expand our influence to reach ever larger numbers of street children.

We support our partners by transferring skills, knowledge and resources to build their capacity. In doing so we enable our partners to be:

Informed with the evidence to understand the issues affecting the children with whom they work through data collection and research;

Equipped to create relationships of trust with these children through training and other investments;

Influential so that Street Work is recognised as integral to supporting these children and street children's rights are recognised and understood at international, national and community level; and

Strong as organisations so they can be sustainably committed to Street Work for the long term.

Our work is proven to have a measurable impact on the quality of street children’s lives and we monitor the impact of our work by evaluating:

Reach: the number of street-connected children who know there is a trustworthy adult to whom they can turn for help should they choose to do so; and

Effectiveness: measurable indicators of improvements to the quality of life for these children as a result of the relationships of trust.

  • StreetInvest's Model of Effective Street Work

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